Hydrogel is a different way of applying active ingredients.
By combining different types of polymers, we get a layer of compact gel, able to contain high amounts of water and active substances inside it; these are gradually released into the epidermis, thus prolonging their results.

Hydrogel patches combine the ease of use and cleansing of patches and the feeling of freshness, hydration and care of topical preparations.

Advantages of hydrogel:

Pleasant, relaxing sensation

Without the
need to

Not wet
and does not stain

Deeper action than from traditional topical preparations

These patches use non-woven fabric that, combined with the hydrogel, retains a large amount of water that evaporates on contact with the skin, thus causing a pleasant sensation of coolness in the treatment area. Due to its versatility, an almost unlimited number of applications is possible.

Cosmetic hydrogel patches:
By incorporating active ingredients with aesthetic functions, we can use this technology to offer cosmetic treatments in a new and convenient way. These patches can be adapted, both in terms of composition as well as formula, to our customers' requirements.

Cosmetic hydrogel patches

Healthcare hydrogel patches:
With more medical or health care applications, by following the same principle described above we can deliver results in the treatment of pain and relieving fevers…

Health care hydrogel patches


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