Manufacturing and supplying in terms of private label of medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements:
based on standard technologies and formulations from DIRECTSALUD.

We offer different levels of product customization under customer brand (private label):
- Anonymous primary packaging
- Customized primary packaging with customer brand
- Finish Pack with secondary packaging (outer carton) and OTHER (IMPREGNATED MASKS, FOOT CARE PLASTERS, ETC.) customer needs under the customer brand.


Development of new products:
at customer request in all areas of health care (OTC, cosmetics, medical devices, food supplements, etc.) using the innovative technologies of DIRECT SALUD.

Formulation options:
- Proposed by the customer
- Proposed by DIRECTSALUD
- Developed jointly by the customer and DIRECTSALUD


Contract Manufacturing:

Manufacturing and supplying of medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements, using the technologies of DIRECTSALUD, based on Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Dossiers property of the customer.


DIRECTSALUD offers to the customers interested in acquiring new pharmaceutical products to expand its portfolio and geographical presence, its collaboration and experience in finding suppliers and products thanks to its extensive international network of contacts.


DIRECTSALUD, thanks to its more than 20 years in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market, offers to the companies interested in licensing their products (medicines, medical devices or cosmetics, etc.) in certain countries, the possibility of finding the perfect partner among our multiple contacts forged throughout our long experience.