Since 1996 Directsalud/ABC Farma is pioneer in developing and supplying patches, oral films, and wet wipes.

We distribute finish products, in terms of private label, in the following areas: cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements.

We offer finish products with the following advanced and niche technologies:

  • Transdermal Patches: Constant and gradual ingredient release with systemic effect
  • Dermal Patches: Constant and gradual ingredient release with local effect
  • Aromatic Patches: With essential oils
  • CBD Patches
  • Vitamin Patches
  • Iontophoretic patches: it involves the introduction of ions of active substances through the skin, induced by the weak current generated on the patch’s contact and sweat.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Tissue repairing Cell-protection
  • Hydrogel Masks & Patches: Cool and warm effect
  • Oral Films (ODF): fast absorption
  • Wet wipes for ocular cleansing and other applications
  • Imbibed facial masks

Our product portfolio consists of an interesting range of cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements products which are available for marketing & distribution or in-licensing with the brand of the customer. Our product portfolio covers a broad range of therapeutic indications, including: Fat reduction • Muscular pain • Wound Care • Anti-aging • Cough & Cold • Skin-Care • Insect Repellent • Foot care • Oral Care • Women’s Health • Paediatrics • Gastroenterology • Urology • Andrology solutions.

We offer different levels of product customization (private label) as detailed below:

  • Anonymous primary packaging
  • Customized primary packaging with customer brand
  • Finish Pack with secondary packaging (outer carton)
  • And NEW developments using our innovative technologies can be studied at customer needs.

Directsalud/ABC Farma also offers Contract Manufacturing services using its new technologies.

DIRECTSALUD is synonymous with quality, innovation, efficacy, and technology applied to well-being.

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