A combination of ginger extract and vitamin B6 for avoiding nausea and other gastrointestinal disorders during pregnancy. Food Supplement.

Formulation with antioxidant action and adaptogenic properties for menopausal disorders. Food Supplement.

High proteolytic activity to manage the problems of inflammation and oedema promoting drainage. Cosmetic.

Increase sensitivity and lubrication. Cosmetic.

Topical cooling treatment for body areas affected by arthritis. Developed to improve mobility.
With CBD, and Alcohol/water mixture and camphor.
Medical device class I.

Protects wounds, sunburns and minor burns forming a protective layer. Antibacterial. Faster healing of wounds.
With CBD and Carbomer Hydrogel. Medical device class I.

To relieve and treat common psoriasis symptoms such as dry and red skin with tendency to scale off and itch.
With CBD, Dead Sea salt, Aloe barbadensis leaf, Panthenol, Retinyl palmitate and Tocopheryl acetate. Medical device class I.

Soothing relief to teething trauma diseases. With Chamomile, Xylitol, and Liquorice. Medical Device I.

To relieve and prevent throat irritation. With hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and hyaluronic acid, With extracts with extracts and essential oils against adults and children oral affections. Medical Device IIa.

Topical cream used to manage itch and burns associated with radiation dermatitis. With Sodyum Hyaluronate Butyrate Formate (SHBF). Medical Device IIa.