Specially formulated to improve the appearance of fungal-infected nails by utilizing hydrogel technology. Medical Device IIa.

Refreshing and soothing effect to the eyelid and surrounding area.  Puffy and swollen eye reduction. Cosmetic.

Anti-aging spot patch to remove pigmentation caused by age. Cosmetic.

Hydrogel patch to cool and sooth heavy legs caused by bad blood circulation, a lack of physical activity, or over exercise. With Vitis vinifera extract and Bioflavonoids. Medical Device IIa.

Innovative pads with the purpose of accelerating the healing process and restoring the skin’s natural level of moisture during breastfeeding period. Medical Device class IIb sterile .

HYDROGEL MASKS: Moisturizing, Regenerating, Lifting and Anti-aging. Cosmetic.

Hydrogel to treat bags under the eyes, whitening and moisturizing effect. Cosmetic.

Cooling and soothing effects to relief and reduce joint and muscle pain. Contains natural L-Menthol. Medical Device I.

Cooling effect to relieve feverish states, headaches… Medical Device I.