To eliminate pimples and bumps (with Salicylic Acid). Cosmetic.

Refresh and calm after mosquitoes bites (with Bisabolol & Menthol). Cosmetic.

With L-Cisteine, Adenosine, Ruscus, Bamboo, Serenoa and Vitis Vinifera. Cosmetic.

With Caffeine. Cosmetic.

To relieve muscular and joint pains. With active Hemp oil. Formulations available at customer request: Cosmetic or Medical Device.

With Fucus, Caffeine, Green tea, Spiraea ulmaria & Citrus aurantium. Improved formulation. Cosmetic.

Transparent occlusive patch that provides accelerated healing process. Medical Device I.

With Centella, Menthol, Ruscus anb Horse Chesnut. Cosmetic.

With Laminaria and Camelia. Cosmetic.

Warm effect patch to relieve pains, strains, and bruises. Medical Device I.

Relief of menstrual cramp. Warm up and ease tension in the lower abdominal muscles. Medical Device IIa.

Against sleep disorders. With melatonin and traditional herbal ingredients.
Regulatory estatus depending on the country.

Occlusive and compression therapy for scar reduction with Hyaluronic Acid. Medical Device I.

Enhances the production of melanin to prepare the skin for the sun exposition. With vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Cosmetic.

For better mental and physical performance.

– Energy patch: containing Guarana, Amino acids, and Vitamins.


– Osteoporosis patch: with vitamins D3, K2 and C.


Other formulations with vitamins available under request.
Regulatory estatus depending on the country.